8 Simple Rules Every Affiliate Marketer Should Follow

affiliate marketingThere are 8 simple rules every affiliate marketer should follow to be successful and i am about to break them down for you. Now you can take notice of this information or not, that’s up to you but if you do not follow these rules you will struggle to reach any level of real success.

Rule 1 The Standard Affiliate Pages 

Do not use standard affiliate pages, marketing these pages really only helps is the person or company that owns them it will not help you build your brand in anyway whatsoever. Using standard affiliate pages will more likely cause you to miss out on multiple commissions and referrals.

You need to create and promote your own material whenever possible, if you are unable to create your own material there are a few options open to you, i suggest using Instant Splash you can create, use and maintain up to 3 pages for FREE. If you have a self hosted WordPress blog like i do then there are many plugins you can use to create mobile responsive pages.

Rule 2 Building Your Email List

Your email list is the lifeblood and the backbone to your affiliate marketing efforts. With a well built and well managed list, you can easily send out a single email and literally watch your referrals and commissions grow. This is probably the most important rule you must follow ask any marketer you know and they will tell you the same.

If you are not building your email list yet then you need to get started i use Trafficwave, it is an easy to use email autoresponder tool with some great tools, training and compensation plan. Trafficwave gives you a 30 day FREE trial and only costs $17.95 a month for unlimited autoresponders and campaigns.

Rule 3 Building Your Brand

Building your brand is very important and goes hand in hand with using your own pages and building your email list because you want people to get to know and trust you. You have to build a brand that caters to your target audience and you must become a subject matter expert in whatever you are promoting. People will then see you as knowledgeable and will in turn trust your recommendations. Look the more you work to build your brand the easier it will be to grow your email list.

Rule 4 Make A Plan

You will simply not go out and become a huge affiliate marketer without making a proper plan. You will need to know everything possible about what you are promoting, your target audience, and everything in between. Without a proper plan in place, you may end up sending thousands of non targeted visitors to your page, which will lead to very poor results.

Rule 5 Tracking Your Efforts

Track everything, if something is track-able, you should be tracking it simple as there is no arguing with this really. You need to know how many hits came to your page, where they came from, and how many people subscribed or joined from there. Using this will make your efforts much easier in time.

Imagine setting up a new promotion and knowing that if you went to 123.com to get your traffic that your sign-up rate would be higher than anyone else.

This is made true by TRACKING!

If you are not tracking everything possible you should start, there are a ton of options available, i personally use built in tracking for my blog and use my Trafficwave ad tracking feature. Trafficwave ad tracker will track open rates to see exactly how many of your messages are actually being opened by your subscribers.Track the effectiveness of each letter in your Email Marketing campaigns. You can also track your online advertising, so you know where your results come from.

Rule 6 Thank You Pages

Thank you pages have long been overlooked within affiliate marketing, the truth is, that once a member has signed up, they are already in the mood to continue. So showing them an offer on your thank you page could be one of the highest converting promotions you ever create.

YES, it is that simple. If you are not using custom thank you pages and are instead only using your autoresponders provided ones, you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity to get another sign-up, sale, referral, etc…  Again you have many options here, i personally like to use pages from my own blog because i have total control over them, but if you are unable to create a thank you page then i have a solution for you.

Go and sign-up to ThankYouPageMaker today and start building your own custom thank you pages. There is even a thank you ad network that will show your thank you ad across multiple sites for FREE, this gives you the possibility of earning even more from one simple thing you are currently missing out on.

Rule 7 Slot Machine Marketing

This is a term used by many to define those affiliates that jump from program to program just looking for that quick buck. They have also been coined as having “shiny object syndrome”. When something flashy comes up, they join it, promote it, fail at it, and move on to something else. You absolutely MUST stick with a primary program and build from there.

If you haven’t got a primary program yet contact me for an informal chat i am currently looking for people that are serious about building a team online.

Rule 8 Budgeting Your Business

As an affiliate marketer, especially if you are just starting out, you may not have a couple thousand dollars to invest into your new business right away. But, if you have a budget and properly plan everything out, you can easily turn a small investment into
a profitable business that grows in time. Time is an important point here, it takes time to build a business so give your primary program a chance.

If you are not currently budgeting or don’t know how to budget, you need to sign up at AffiliateBudgeting. Read the E-Book and use the suggestions given to build your foundation budget. As your business grows, you will always be able to adjust your budget as necessary.

OK look if you follow the 8 simple rules every affiliate marketer should follow above then you will start seeing some noticeable results in your affiliate marketing efforts. The information i share on this blog is not just info i made up it all comes from experience and learning from others, be teachable and take action.

Anyway i hope you like this post and i hope it helps you out.

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