A Simple Way To Make Content Marketing Work For You

Simple Content MarketingA Simple Way To Make Content Marketing Work For You

No matter what you are promoting, no matter what your website is about, no matter what your business is and no matter what products you sell there is a simple way to make content marketing work for you.

First thing you need to do is create a blog post, if you don’t have a blog there are tons of platforms out there that you can use, some are free and some cost money, the thing you have to remember is you have to produce content for content marketing to work.

Think ahead when creating your blog post, think about the title, work your title into the post.

When creating your blog post make sure your writing is clear and the best you can make it, no spelling mistakes.

Add images.

Maybe add a video, it does not have to be a long video.

You can add links to your post but keep it subtle and don’t over do it.

Make sure your main keyword flows through your post to make this content marketing strategy to work for you and don’t be afraid to think of what other keywords you can work into your blog post, keyword building is hard at first but it is a good strategy to learn and you will soon get the hang of it.

Now you might not realise this but by putting these simple strategies in place before each blog post will over time bring you lots of free traffic and if you do 1 a day for a year that is 365 blog posts working for your content marketing strategy.

Time to make this work hard for you so you get more for your efforts and this next strategy i share with you is really where content marketing really works for you.

Now you should have a good blog post with a good title that includes your main keyword, your title could make a  twitter post don’t you think, you could use it on any social media site even if you are limited in how much text you can use. Think about how many social media sites there are how much more content you can create just from a blog post title all you have to do is link it back to your blog with a short link.

You can use any images you have in your post on sites like instagram just add this text to the image www.yourwebsite.com, also if you created a video if the video is short enough you can post your video to instagram as well, this is content marketing working for you.

Your blog post video can also be uploaded to other social media and video hosting sites along with a small summary and a link to your post.

I could go into a lot more on this subject, which i will in another blog post but for now i just wanted to share a simple way to make content marketing work for you.