Do Traffic Exchanges Really Work?

Free Website TrafficDo Traffic Exchanges Really Work?

What is a traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange put simply is a website, normally free to join, where you can view other peoples websites in exchange for credits that you can then use to display your own website or offer. (This is called Surfing)

Traffic exchanges are popular because it is a free way to get real visitors to what ever it is that your promoting.

With traffic exchanges there are normally little sub games connected to the surfing process where you can win more free credits,text ad credits and banner impressions.

This however will not everyones cup of tea as surfing does take up a bit of time, but that does not mean traffic exchanges are not for you.
All traffic exchanges allow you to buy advertising credits from them and if you also promote traffic exchanges so you can build downlines in them and benefit from your referrals surfing and marketing activities.

This is a traffic exchange in the the most simple way i can explain.

Example Of A Traffic Exchange

So do traffic exchanges work?

Yes traffic exchanges do work but there are a few things you need to know before you go charging in to use them if you want to see any real success in using them.

If you are going to use traffic exchanges the first thing you need to know is standard affiliate pages or standard web pages do not work well at all.
You may get a few sign ups if you are lucky, but if you want real success using traffic exchanges you should really only be using landing or splash pages.
Using landing pages, otherwise known as a squeeze pages or capture pages is great because you are building your list and well we all know the saying the money is in the list.

Example Of A Landing Page

Splash pages work really well as long as the page opens a new window, with both landing pages and splash pages just keep it simple but attractive enough to catch peoples eye.

Example Of A Splash Page

Once you have these kind of pages ready then it is worth joining some traffic exchanges and get right in to either earning traffic credits by surfing or you can of course just buy credits instead.
It is worth being aware that all traffic exchanges have upgrades and one time offers.
You should also be aware that there are over 500 traffic exchanges online and this will grow i am sure.

Free Tip – When surfing in traffic exchanges it is good to be a member of a few so you can power surf or nerd surf these traffic exchanges and increase your efforts.
Power surfing or nerd surfing is essentially just opening up the traffic exchanges you are member, in your web browser, in their own tabs this way you are surfing more than one site at a time just remember not to go too fast or you may miss out on winning credits.
I will cover power surfing in another post in more depth because if you power surf certain traffic exchanges together you will earn more free stuff.

This should be enough to get you started in traffic exchanges the right way, but i will be writing more posts about this subject as well as other great free advertising sources.

Leave a comment below if you have any information on this subject.

If you want to learn more about traffic exchanges and how you can use them for your business but don’t want to wait for me to post again simply contact me.

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