Rewarding People

Rewarding People

I am a big believer that people should be rewarded even for the small tasks they complete especially in business, the fact is it is a difficult journey to become successful in business.
Also not everyone that will come across your promotions will be interested in starting a business, some people are just surfing the web and there are lots of reasons why they are doing this.

As a marketer i got fed up enlisting people into my business, just watch them fail because they could not duplicate what i was doing or just because they came across hurdles they could not deal with.

Most people will not have the mindset of a business owner and they certainly will not all have the mindset of a successful person, but look just because someone doesn’t want a business or just because they are not equipped or have the mindset or skills to be successful does not mean they can’t be successful or earn money.

We live in a small over populated world with ever increasing living expenses, where people from all walks of life need help building a business online or are just wanting to earn a little bit of extra money for whatever reason.

This is why i decided to create this website and why i have been working all the hours i can to build a platform that if you are a professional marketer or business owner you can get the information and learn the skills you need to be successful. However this was not enough for me i also wanted to have a website that people with the want but not the skills could also see a level of success.
That is not all i also wanted to create website where anyone just looking to make a little extra money could do exactly that.

So rewarding people i believe to be the best possible way to do this, fact is i am a marketer and i have a lot of tasks i need completed and have lots of products i need to promote so i need people.

This is what i am doing here at Ben Thomas Marketing, if you have a business of any sort you will be able to benefit from all the step by step video training videos i have supplied.
If you are looking to create a business but lack skills or knowledge again this is where the video training comes into play and you can also use my website as a marketing system i will teach you how.
If you are someone that just wants to earn a bit of extra money and not build a business, then we are the right fit for you, as i am right now creating a badge and point system where you can complete small tasks for a reward.
Every time you complete a task you can earn badges and points, then every time you earn a certain amount of points we will pay you.

To be honest this is just a small part of what i am creating here at Ben Thomas Marketing and i am looking forward to sharing this with the public, right now we are open to receiving new members but are not officially opening till next week.

This is just the start here at Ben Thomas Marketing and the fact is i built this website so i could easily train people that join my team, whilst giving them the motivation and skills they need through awards and training.Ben-Thomas-Marketing-newlogopng

Officially launching next week, however this is really for testing so i can streamline my website and marketing system to the benefit of users. I hate hype so you will not get that from me i am taking my time because i can no longer watch people fail when there is no reason for it.
If you need help in your business, if you need help starting a business or if you are just looking for a no risk way to make some extra cash i can help you.